Sunday, 26 August 2012

A Couple of Style Arc Patterns

Well, the blogging is going as slowly as the sewing.  The wardrobe is definitely not overflowing, still that makes it easier to choose what to wear!   I am extremely happy with these two Style Arc additions.

The first is the Jodie pinafore dress made from a mustard coloured ponte knit with black/white stripe inserts, both from Pitt Trading.  That front zip was a little too tricky to insert properly, and as it became evident that Jodie could be whipped on and off without a functioning zip, I closed the centre front seam and sewed the zip down over the seam, so it is now a purely decorative feature of the dress.

The curved hems did not sit properly, until I discovered that I'd sewn the front hem facing to the back and vice versa.   After considerable unpicking and recutting the facings, they went on beautifully.  The edges of the dress and the pockets are finished with twin needled stitching.

As the front and back lower facings are about 15cm deep they sit a few centimetres below the pockets.   I didn't want to twin needle them in place, as this would have ruined the look.   I had to hand stitch the facings in place and as a result, the hand sewing shows through slightly on the outside of the garment.    You really need to look closely to notice, but it's a warning if you are a perfectionist (I'm not), however if anyone has any ideas on how to prevent this happening I would welcome your help.

Style Arc Faye Skirt

This skirt was made from a polystretch fabric from Pitt Trading.   It makes up in a flash from just one piece of fabric, with the top edges turned over to make a waistband.  This does make the top of the skirt a bit bulky as it's four layers of fabric and the elastic sitting around your waist, so it's best not to use thick fabric.

Still managing to resist the pull of retail therapy.   It's been nearly eight months now since I bought anything RTW.  It's amazing how easy it is to break the habit of shopping!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

The First Post

My first new year's resolution  for 2012 was to start sewing again, and to start a sewing blog.   I've been stalking many of the creative sewing bloggers for some time now and have been inspired by all who share their sewing secrets, their wonderful discoveries of new patterns, fabrics, notions and sewing shops.  

I'm a bit of a procrastinator,  It's already July and I'm only just getting my first post underway, but in my defence, it's taken ages to work out how the whole blog thing works, thinking up a blog name that's not already taken, working out how to take photos when there are no willing  photographers around, uploading photos, downloading them, posting to Flickr, the excuses go on and on. 

My second resolution for 2012  was to make a commitment not to buy any ready to wear clothes for at least 12 months!!  If I want something new, I have to make it, or just make do!  How hard could it be?   

I've converted a spare room into my sewing palace, so it's time to jump right in.  Hopefully the hours spent hunched over my sewing machine will produce lots of fabulous pieces that can be confidently worn without resulting in any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.   I'm sure there will be a few items that do end up in the trash bag, but let's be positive and start with a winner.  

My favourite new patterns are from Style Arc.   Whilst the patterns are a fabulous fit, the instructions are light on detail.    Here are my Wendy pants, made from a lycra/cotton bought from the half price shelf at Pitt Trading, along with a self drafted top made out of a remnant from the wonderful $1.00/metre bin from the same shop. 

The back seam on the pants needed to come in about 3 cms but other than that the fit is perfect.   I didn't bother with the detailed waistband as my days of tucking anything into a pair of stretch pants are long gone.  I replaced it with a plain waistband, but should stress it's important to use a stretch fusible interfacing as these pants are pull-ons, and have no elastic in the waist.
Wendy Pants and Self Drafted Top

Terri Tie Cardi, also from Style Arc was also a success.  The instructions for this one were quite adequate and the pattern fitted perfectly, no alterations needed.  The stretch zebra print was bought from The Fabric Store in Surry Hills.

Terri Tie Cardi